About Us

CAUSA PRIMA Playschool & Kindergarten is a place to learn, grow, share, and be awesome. We provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere filled with creative and interactive play materials. Believing that learning is social and process, children learn best through play. It is our shared responsibility to ensure that your child's first school experience will be a time remembered with joy and a sense of accomplishment.

Program and Facilities

Play is the child's natural way of making sense of the world. Children learn when all their senses are actively involved. They need to talk and think about everything they do. By developing their curiosity which makes them aware of problems and actively involves in problem solving process through an active learning.
Our program offers a variety of playful, interesting and developmentally appropriate activities which are designed to help foster the growth of the whole child by providing fun, hands-on experiences to spark curiosity and inspire a genuine love for learning in each unique, special and important individual!

What children Learn through Play

  • Inside Classroom:
  • Block, toys, manipulative
  • Science and Math skills (experimentation; classification; sorting; counting); Pre-reading skill (Shape; size relation); Language skills; Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills (balance and spatial relationship); Competence and self esteem
  • Dramatic Play
  • Language skills and imagination; How to work stresses in their lives and make senses of their worlds; Empathy, self control, Problem solving skill and social skill as they pretend together
  • Art
  • Fine motor skills, imagination, self-esteem and confidence, how object can be used in variety of ways
  • Outdoor play:
  • Large muscle and motor skills development; Social skills (negotiating rules and whose turn to swing or slide; listening to others; and handling conflict); Eye-hand coordination, important for reading and writing and  imagination

With great and supportive facilities;

  • Bilingual classes with English daily basis
  • Indoor and outdoor play area with swings, ride-on, rockers, slide, home of play, balls area, monkey bar, three cycles, dolls, sand pit etc.
  • Clean and air conditioned classrooms
  • Comfortable place for outdoor activities
  • Computer and Audio visual room/lab
  • Large TV and projector
  • Snack area
  • Reading corner/library with many reading stuff in every class
  • CCTV cameras in all classroom for safety and monitoring




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