Primary Level Program


Primary level (6-12 years)

Developing students' understanding in primary level through fun, engaging and meaningful learning experiences with inquiry based approach. Inquiry  based  learning  is  a  constructivist  approach  where  the  overall  goal  is  for  students  to make  meaning. While  teachers  may  guide  the  inquiry  to  various  degrees  (externally facilitated)  and  set  parameters  for  a  classroom  inquiry,  true  inquiry  is  internally  motivated. Inquiry  based  learning  is  an  umbrella  term  that  incorporates  many  current  learning approaches  (including  project  based  learning,  design  thinking)  and  may  take  various forms,  depending  on  the  topic,  resources,  ages  and  abilities  of  students  and  other variables.



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